Enjoy is a boutique brand licensing agency that operates in Spain & Portugal. Starting in 2002 in the licensing business, we have developed very successful licensing programs both in the Haute Cuisine, fashion and entertainment industry.

In fashion, we work with some of the most relevant brands in the territory, such as www.devotaylomba.com or www.mariclarie.net, and in the entertainment industry, we provide a full brand extension service covering from the TV placement to the developing of a very complete licensing program, as we have done with properties like http://www.enjoybrandlicensing.com/entertainment-brands/code-lyoko and http://www.enjoybrandlicensing.com/wp-content/uploads/Cut-the-Rope-Business-Case-23th-September-2013.pdf

Focus & Honesty are key for us, it is the way to keep our clients happy. Following these two principles, we only represent those brands that we really feel that we can bring business to, being very specific and clear to our clients on the amount of business we think we can provide.